Anjuna Unseal tool Installer




Install the Anjuna Unseal tool


$ anjuna-vault-unseal-ubuntu16-0.17.0050.bin [OPTIONS]...


The Anjuna Unseal tool installer is used to set up a host with the proper software to run the Vault Unseal utility in SGX.

The installer provides:

  • the Intel SGX kernel driver
  • the Anjuna SGX kernel driver
  • the Anjuna Unseal tool binaries
  • the documentation (in HTML format) for the Anjuna Unseal tool
  • utility to seal files using the SGX Sealing capabilities
  • utility to automatically unseal a Vault instance at startup time using the SGX Sealing/Unsealing capabilities

The installer will only work on Ubuntu 16.04 or Ubuntu 18.04, and only if Intel SGX is supported and enabled.


--clean         : Reinstall the Intel SGX Driver and Intel PSW if they
                  are already installed (by default, the installer will set up those
                  components only if they are not already installed)

-h, --help      : Print the help summary and exit
-e, --extract   : Extract the whole package, but skip setup
-v, --verbose   : Print more information during setup
--version       : Print the version number of the installer and exit


Returns 0 on success, 1 on error.


To run the installer with the default options, run the following command:

$ ./anjuna-vault-unseal-ubuntu16-0.17.0050.bin